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Cator Cat Snack 喵彩肉条

Cator Cat Snack  (1 Box with 6 pack)



15g per pack
⚠️The date in the package is manufactured date not the expired date.

5 Options:
☞Option 1: Tuna x6
☞Option 2: Crab x6
☞Option 3: Duck x6
☞Option 4: Chicken x6
☞Option 5: 1 pcs (Random Flavors)

✔Human Grade Food
✔Digestion Care
✔Natural Nutritions, OMEGA 3, Taurine
✔Fresh Ingredients
No additives
Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E

1 Box include 6 same flavours treat


5 个选项:
☞Option 1: 金枪鱼 x6
☞Option 2: 螃蟹 x6
☞Option 3: 鸭子 x6
☞Option 4: 鸡 x6
☞Option 5: 1 pcs (随机口味)

✔天然营养,OMEGA 3,牛磺酸

Cator Cat Snack 喵彩肉条: Tips & Inspiration

4 Various Flavors

Cator Cat Snack 喵彩肉条: Video
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