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Cator Juicy Snack 喵彩小鲜肉肉块: Video

Cator Juicy Snack



15g per pack

2 Flavours:
☞Option 1: Tuna x3 原汁吞拿鱼
☞Option 2: Chicken x3 原汁鸡胸肉

✔Human Grade Food
Low Fat, Digestion Care
✔Natural Nutritions, OMEGA 3, Taurine
✔Fresh Ingredients
No additives, FRESH fish / chicken
✔Zero additives, high content of 70% moisture

Juicy Chicken Breast🐔
Quickly slaughtered in 2 hours, sterilized by steaming at 121°C, and then electric roasting at 200° to seal the juice. Each piece is accurately controlled at 70% water content, soft and smooth, and not dry too.

Juicy Tuna🐟
The back muscles with an unsaturated fatty acid content of 38.98% are selected, fresh raw materials, showing the most primitive state, fresh and juicy


✔天然营养,OMEGA 3,牛磺酸
零色素,零添加剂, 高含70%水分

2个小时快宰, 121度蒸煮灭菌,再经过200°电烤封汁。每一块都精准控制在70%的含水量,软嫩滑爽, 不干不柴

选取不饱和脂肪酸含量为38.98%的背部肌肉,新鲜的原材料,呈现最原始的状态, 鲜嫩多汁

1 Box include 3 same flavours snack

Cator Juicy Snack 喵彩小鲜肉肉块: Tips & Inspiration
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