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Healty Cat Snack Series


Cator Mousse Pouch 喵彩超能酱 肉酱包

Best choice for many cats family

Every flavors have different function

适合多猫家庭, 搭配配方功能 (泌尿维护,消化系统,骨骼与毛发护理)

☞Chicken + Cheese (Probiotic added for digestive system care)
☞Tuna + Roe (Fish Oil & Seaweed added for hair and skin care)
☞Beef + Matsutake (Beef Bone & Chondroitin sulfate (CS) added for Joint Care)
☞Turkey + Pumpkin (Potassium citrate added for Urinary Care)



Cator Juicy Snack 喵彩小鲜肉肉块

Juicy meat made from chicken breast and tuna, rich in water

多汁鸡胸肉和金枪鱼肉间接帮猫咪补水, 补水神器

✔No additives, FRESH fish / chicken

零色素,零添加剂, 高含70%水分

Cator Cat Snack 喵彩肉条

Best for cat suffer in stress, improvement relationship between cat and human.


Healthy Cat Snack Series: Tips & Inspiration
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Cator Goat Milk Soup Canned 喵彩补水山羊奶汤罐 [NEW PRODUCT]

Help cats to gain more water and reduce the risk of cats suffering from urinary tract, kidney, bladder stone diseases effectively.


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