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Healty Cat Snack Series


Cator Zero Snack 喵彩0食肉条

4 Flavors:
☞Flavour 1: Salmon- Hair and Skin Care 美毛护肤
☞Flavour 2: Chicken- Easy to absorb 温和低敏易吸收
☞Flavour 3: Pigeon- Increase antibody 增加抗体
☞Flavour 4: Rabbit meat- rich in natural taurine 富含天然牛磺酸

❌No Gum 无胶
❌No Starch 无谷
❌No food attractant 无诱食剂


Cator Juicy Snack 喵彩小鲜肉肉块

Juicy meat made from chicken breast and tuna, rich in water

多汁鸡胸肉和金枪鱼肉间接帮猫咪补水, 补水神器

✔No additives, FRESH fish / chicken

零色素,零添加剂, 高含70%水分

Cator Cat Snack 喵彩肉条

Best for cat suffer in stress, improvement relationship between cat and human.


sppic tang-13.jpg

Cator Goat Milk Soup Canned 喵彩补水山羊奶汤罐 [NEW PRODUCT]

Help cats to gain more water and reduce the risk of cats suffering from urinary tract, kidney, bladder stone diseases effectively.


Healthy Cat Snack Series: Tips & Inspiration
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