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How To Place Order? / 怎么下单?

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Thank you for your interest on GEB: Cator.

感谢您对GEB: 喵彩有兴趣

There are few ways:

1. Purchase through our Official Shopee Page: gebgugicat

2. Directly contact our Facebook or Whatapps

3. Deal with our Official Resellers Authorized under GEB: Cator.

1. Shopee:

To enjoy free shipping or shipping rebate, you are required to claim the shipping voucher, and payment method should choose "Shopee Pay". You have to make sure the money is enough in shopee pay before click "checkout".


1. 通过我们的官方 Shopee 页面购买:gebgugicat

2. 直接联系我们的 Facebook 或 Whatapps

3. 与GEB旗下的喵彩官方授权的经销商

1. 虾皮:

您需要领取免运券以享受免运费或运费回扣,付款方式则须选择“Shopee Pay”。 在点击“结帐”之前,您必须确保shopee pay中的余额足够。

2. Facebook Page: GEB Cat / Whatapps: 01110262872

3. Through Our Authorized Reseller

You may check the reseller near to your place through our Official website [HOMEPAGE]

Those are not listed are not authorized by Cator Company.

[BUY from Authorized Distributor/ Reseller, After Sale Guaranteed]

3. 通过我们的授权经销商

您可以通过我们的官方网站 [主页] 查看您所在地附近的授权商家。没列出的全属于无授权商家





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