Complete Cat Food

Cat Food can be roughly divided into four types, namely dry food, canned food, fresh food and raw meat. In addition to dry food, canned food, fresh food, and raw meat are all foods with high water content (over 70%), collectively referred to as "wet food."


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Cator Grain Free Complete
Cat Wet Food

Chicken + Salmon 👉🏻Grow Fat🐔

Deer + Tuna 👉🏻 Hair Care, Shiny Hair 🦌

Beef + Foie Gras 👉🏻Intestinal Care🐮

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Cator Complete
Freeze Dried 811 Raw Flesh


Rabbit 811  / Turkey 811 [NEW PRODUCT]

Amino Acid👉🏻Maintenance of metabolic function
Probiotics👉🏻Avoid soft stools
Taurine👉🏻Protect Eyesights
Trace Elements👉🏻Avoid pica

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Cindy's Recipe Signature Main Diet Wet Canned

Salmon Fillet for Kitten (幼猫主食罐)

Pure Salmon Fillet (三文鱼柳)
Salmon Fillet with Calamari (三文鱼柳+鱿鱼)
Salmon Fillet with Chicken (三文鱼柳+鸡肉)
Salmon Fillet with Mussel (三文鱼柳+贻贝)
Salmon Fillet with Duck (三文鱼柳+鸭肉)
Salmon Fillet with Turkey (三文鱼柳+火鸡)
Salmon Fillet with Tuna (三文鱼柳+金枪鱼)
Salmon Fillet with Trout (三文鱼柳+鳟鱼)
Salmon Fillet with Shrimp (三文鱼柳+虾子)

Cindy's Recipe Signature Main Diet.jpg
Cindy's Recipe Signature Main Diet.jpg

NuMew Zesty Complete Cat Food

Pure Chicken + Fish Oil
Salmon + Cranberry

Fish Oil 👉🏻 decrease triglyceride levels in cats, preventing blood clots in cats with heart disease.
Cranberry 👉🏻 Good for cat urinary system
Vitamins B 👉🏻 Provide the best source of energy by balance the body's metabolism and stabilize emotions
Taurine 👉🏻 Prevent retinal degeneration, Prevent heart muscle disease and enhance immunity
Probiotics 👉🏻 Improve gut health, inhibit damage to intestinal function and Boost intestinal immunity