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Authorized Reseller & Unauthorized Merchants 授权与无授权商

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Good news and bad news announced🐈

GEB:Cator is the only Sole Distributor and Supplier in Malaysia ❤️

Recently, a number of strange stores with [copy listings] and [unauthorized merchants] have appeared on the Shopee platform. Here is an announcement:

Any merchant that sells Cator on any offline and online platform in Malaysia must obtain authorization from the Cator Official Distributor: GEB before proceeding with the sale.❗❗❗

Cator has a price control system. If you see products sell at low prices + unauthorized reseller, please consider carefully!

💢We severely condemn the price-cutting behaviors that disrupt the market and the sale of products through informal channels‼ ️‼ ️

⚠️Buyers can use GEB official website or contact us directly to verify whether the merchant has authorization or not.

Official website👉🏻


1. Identify the source of goods to give cats a better and safer guarantee!

2. Merchants who are not listed represent no authorized merchants

3. [Cator HQ] and [Malaysia Cator Distributor] will not be responsible for the products sold by unauthorized merchants.

4. The official website is guaranteed to be updated in real time, and every authorized agent / reseller will be published on the official website immediately. Please consider carefully the so-called strange reason for not being listed on the official website ⚠️

5. The authorized merchants under GEB 💯% will definitely obtain the authorization letter from Cator HQ.

Best Regards,

GEB 72 PET & Cator HQ

We will be more refined and bring you better prices and products ♥️

Click here to place an order🐾

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近期Shopee平台出现多个 【copy listings】的奇怪店家以及 【无授权的商家】,于此公告:










4. 官网保证实时更新,每位授权代理都会马上被公布在官网,所谓来不及被list在官网的奇葩理由请慎重考虑 ⚠️

5. GEB总代旗下授权商家💯%绝对会获得喵彩总部发的经销商授权书

GEB 72 PET与喵彩cator谨




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